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Please join in on the campaign #RedAlertRESTART #WeMakeEvents #LightTheNightInRed #RestartLargeEvents and turn your profile red, your house, etc to show your support for events returning. Like our lanterns and wishes to the universe, as a collective, we can make this happen. We’ve all been locked in long enough, and we’ve been forced to continue to reschedule while getting no government assistance at all. We support all other businesses being able to reopen to save families, save businesses, and everyone’s livelihood . For Many years events have been an escape for many from everyday life, stress, and time to spend with other family and friends. People have been locked inside for months, isolated from everyone, it’s time we open events back up. Events of all kind are a part of America and have been for many years.

We’re joining the #RedAlertRESTART with our fellow event organizers, venues, and event goers and turning everything red, and joining the team. If you want to see your favorite events return, please show your support and contact your local representatives and join and share the information below with others.

#RedAlertRESTART: the live events we love may never recover from the pandemic, we need to take action! Take 2 minutes to contact your representatives here, and post a red photo of you at your favorite event, too: https://wemakeevents.org #WeMakeEvents #ExtendPUA

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